The Dondi Lib: An IoT Enabled Motion Activated Light Box



Part. nightlight, part art, part Internet of Things, this box was born out of wanting to make something pleasing to the eye but also throw some technology in there too.

The original idea was to create a battery powered device that would act like a recording sign, you know one of those signs that you’d see in a studio when a band, radio program, etc. is being recorded. If you can’t imagine it, see below. 👇

Old recording sign.

So after a few months of on and off work. I managed to put together I’m pretty proud of. It’s definitely not perfect but it’s close to what I imagined in my head. Below it’s sitting on a bench in our doorway to greet anyone walking in.

The Dondi Lib in action.

It is quite photogenic so I was able to take some good pictures of it. It uses the same RGB scale so any color between rgb(0,0,0) and rgb(255,255,255) is possible. The round dome in the bottom right hand corner is the lens for the movement/PIR sensor.

Another color.

Plus, with some React Native trickery, it can be configured with an app on iOS (and feasibly Android as well).

The Dondi Lib + iPhone App

If you want to join me down the rabbit hole on some of the important design decisions, tricks and tips to get it made click that Onward button!

Created: 2018-08-14 | Last Modified: 2018-09-24