Jeep LED Light Install Project

In this project, I design some advanced wiring to accommodate some new LED lighting into our 2003 Jeep Wrangler. The idea here is to make the wiring functional but nearly invisible to the untrained eye. So, in other words, when you open the hood you shouldn’t see a mess of wires or even relays. Everything is hidden from view.

Check out the videos below and all the resources for the project. The bill of materials and other project resources can be obtained from the links below:



Looking around Digikey, I wanted to find some connectors that would hold up to being exposed to the elements while keeping the electrical connections for this project protected. I stumbled upon the MX19 Series from JAE and they seemed to fit the bill and also look/operate similarly to connectors i’ve seen in cars/trucks before.

As with all these types of connectors, they do require you (or someone) to connect the crimps, which make the electrical connection, to the wire itself. In this video, I go in depth into how to crimp the female connector crimps. In the next video I will go into detail on how to crimp the male connector ends.

Tools Used

Components Used

Created: 2018-04-17 | Last Modified: 2018-08-03