John Deere Gator LED Light Install

The department off-road rescue vehicle had some lettering put it on it a while back but never truly got the right treatment to make it a true response vehicle. Though, this was a shorter project, there’s plenty to learn about.

Let’s get started! 😎



Measuring Panel Cutouts

Even though i’m an electrical engineer by trade, I did mange to figure out how to use a pair of calipers. They come in handing for making weird measurements or measurements that require a bit more precision than eyeballing it with a ruler.

In order to purchase the correct switches, I used a pair of calipers to make measurements of the panel cutouts. There’s no one universal panel size so thats where calipers come in handy.


  1. Remove the cover. Note: Sometimes you can pry it out but sometimes you need to go to the backside and un-clip them.
Panel switch with retaining clips.

  1. Use the “inside” measurement of the calipers to measure both width and height
Making inside measurement with the calipers.

  1. Find the switch!

    1. I used Digikey in my case. I went to the “Rocker Switch” section.
    Search results on Digikey.

    1. Updated the criteria under Ingress Protection to include anything above IP65. This is especially important for anything that is going to be used in an outdoor environment. The switch I chose was IP67.

    2. Then, under Panel Cutout Dimensions only selected the sizes that would fit within the dimensions I took above. The switch that I chose was 37.00mm x 21.10mm

    (By the way, here’s a link to the switch I used.)

Created: 2018-07-26 | Last Modified: 2018-08-13